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Mercedes E200 Luxury Saloon Ranks Top in the Market

The E200 is one of the proper executive saloons which offers a lot of features as standard

Mercedes E200 is one of the sharper luxury saloons and it is equally sharper in prices as well. On the hand, it doesn’t get the power of its larger siblings but with the available resources, it has excellent performance and portfolio. On the other hand, it gets some extraordinary safety technologies, most modern gadgets and luxury inclusion which is really hard to believe at the base price in a Mercedes E-Class Saloon.

What makes the E-Class saloon an exceptional pick?

Apart from all other features and qualities in a Mercedes E-Class vehicle, the price band of way above 70k GBP for a base model. Then a number of road costs and running costs, create a bit doubt that what actually E-200 offers for that massive money? Does it offer real value for the money customer paid to buy one? Although Mercedes E200 engines are the best engines in its class. These engines are fuel economical and ultra-efficient, at the same time they are really responsive at the low engine rpm and rushed city traffic on London streets.

Which is the flagship E-Class if I need one?

After the Mercedes E200, there are E220 leading the same configurations, then comes E330 and E350 in both petrol and diesel variations, after that the real charm of having a Mercedes starts from E63 AMG S. It is a real performer in the E-Class and leads the entire model series with power, performance, efficiency, and luxury. If you are after fuel economy than this monster is not for you, go to any other make like Vauxhall or Citroen etc. The Mercedes E 63 AMG S doesn’t come cheap at all. It leads the market in both aspects, prices, and performance.

If it goes out of the budget for now and the choice is still an E-Class, then the best option is torquier, brisk, muscular and efficient Mercedes E220d engines. And Mercedes E350d engines respectively, whatever suits the budget best. While buying a Mercedes in the UK doesn’t mean that if a buyer picks up a base model, he or she would miss the real charm of other good stuff used by Mercedes. The E-Class is actually a technology-led masterpiece of Mercedes and it is one of the best saloons in the UK. The E-Class leads the technology advancements from the front and follows the steps of the Mercedes S-Class models which leads the technology tree at Mercedes.

What if my car engine goes bad?

The UK market is one of the most developed car markets in Europe and it is really easy to source any kind of reconditioned Mercedes E-Class engine in the UK. Even the S-Class engine are available and come with supply and fit services as well. There are hundreds of service stations in the UK who specialized in Mercedes servicing.

What charm does an E-Class cabin offer?

Get into the E-Class cabin and the Command Infotainment system would welcome you aboard, it is one of its own kind of infotainment system and really impresses the riders but it still doesn’t match the German rival BMW’s world-class iDrive system. The iDrive system offers outright functionality and is easy to use. Overall the E-Class cabin is a really good example of well-built luxury cabins. There are two control screens in the cabin and both of them are 12.3-inch displays with extremely high-end performance and appearance. Even one screen would be enough to use the system at its best but Mercedes still offering two for more ease.

The screen can be customized to even the classic view as it was on the old Mercedes models with gauge clusters. Apart from the engines, transmissions, inside cabin built quality and even the technology features offered on the E-Class. It has an excellent exterior body style to make it even charming saloon on the road.

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