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Mazda 6 a perfect mid-size family sedan

With its mixed traits a successful formula turned out

Mazda 6 is not a car which is going to behave like the ordinary mid-size sedans. You are going to get many valuable features even at a lower price than the leading ones. Of course it cannot replace the higher ones in some aspects but still, you are not going to regret if purchased. You see it and love it.

The exterior is amazing receiving upgrades now and then clearly made according to what the present buyer demand. Move towards the interior and there is nothing which you may call low quality. The comfort level and build quality make you wonder if you are in an up-class car.

There is everything present in the car which is lovely to your senses and that makes it special. You go towards the side of the engine and over here also it keeps on impressing the driver with its amazing dynamics.

The addition of a new engine along with the older one has also increased the engine choice giving more power than before. Mazda engines gives a good choice to the owner for an engine change. Two trims have also been added to the range namely Grand Touring Reserve and a Signature model.

Efficient 2.2-litre diesel engines

The base engine and the new one has the same capacity but different nature. Both are same having a 2.2-litre unit but one is a straight four-cylinder engine while the other is turbocharged. First one gives 187 hp and the second one has 250 hp. It gives more power than the standard one but both are attached to a six-speed automatic transmission.

The manual option has been excluded for now. The numbers are written over here certainly attracts an audience with the thought of fast engines. But this is not the case. The car is fast but not exactly as the usual ones are. The twist over here is that the timing of 0-60 does not match those of the rivals but from 50-70 it starts to perform in a much better way.

The engine noise is suppressed but the road noise becomes apparent. Another plus is that there is a good response from the vehicle at several speeds which means it pulls in lower as well as higher speed. Mazda 6 engines reconditioned are not less in any way from the original, even they could be better in some cases.

Thrill with refinement

You are going to get a friendly response from the engine at any speed or road but still, it does not lose its refinement side. There have been efforts to reduce road noise and those were successful to some extent but they are still noticeable. Despite this one cannot ignore other traits that make this one a hit.

There are no problems while handling it and the car follows as ordered by the steering wheel. This one can still be fun to drive an automobile and there is still no match in the category. The steering is sharp making precise placements and accurate quick responses.

When on a curved road it is going to be excited as the above elements permit it to turn around most easily and smoothly. The speed increases comfortably and peacefully not making the cabin jolt at any point. The body remains in perfect control while turning or otherwise.

Interior quality and technology

The interior is fit or families fitting in four adults with ease with ample leg and headroom. Seats are comfortable and dressed in cloth, real leather or soft leather, or synthetic leather.

There are USB chargers for the rear passengers separately on certain trims. There is enough technology installed to keep the occupiers safe as well as entertained. Automatic emergency braking, active safety features and power features, Bluetooth connectivity, two USB inputs, dual-zone climate control and 8.0-inch touch screen are all standards throughout the Mazda 6 range.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are available in the higher trims and missing from the base versions. There are some controls in the system that makes things annoying but overall everything is fine. As you advance more features gets added and make your purchase even more money well spent.

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