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Matchless performance along with most attractive exterior, this is Citroen C3

The Super Mini has the most wanted features

The new Citroen C3 has undergone several changes compared to the previous one. This is the true French nature in design and street etiquette. This model looks like a crossover. It attracts buyers with an attraction that transcends areas that need to be improved.

The new engine of the Citroen C3 has three cylinders and a spike in performance. The Citroen C3 six-speed transmission of the automatic gearbox is well suited to engine power. Internal and external changes are also welcomed. You get seventeen-inch alloy wheels without paying for any package, LED lights rear sensors and reversing the camera are also standard for daytime parking assistance.

The cabin features the newest seven-inch touch screen, which allows riders to enjoy Apple Car-Play and Android Auto. Lack of automatic emergency brakes and other advanced safety features is a compromise choice for many people around the world.

The third-generation vehicle has s0ome features

With a three-cylinder turbo Citroen C3 1.2-litre diesel engine, the Citroen C3 can deliver 81 kW and 250 Nm of torque. The front-wheel-drive is smoother due to the automatic gearbox of the six-speed transmission. Some of its features should be unique to the Super Mini. This third-generation car series has been modified to make changes in most people.

The look of this model seems to be inspired by the C4, which is closer to an SUV. Used for black plastic bumpers, doors and some other parts of the exterior. The headlights are very similar to the good models. The square-shaped taillights also stand out and get some improvement on the interior as well.

Two different engines with power variants

In fact, it is the largest in the Super Mini class. Complete petrol and diesel engine range for the Citroen C3. The two have different power variants, including 68bhp, 82bhp and 110bhp. The diesel engine produces 75bhp and 100bhp. Thus, buyers have a total of five options to choose from and it is very reasonable.

The performance of all of them does not attract the original thrill but fits the size. Five and six-speed gearboxes are available to drive this car. Automatic six-speed transmission Pure Tech 110 bhp petrol engine only. It has three more trim levels that are more desirable for owners like Touch, Feel and Flair.

On the other hand, if unfortunately you fell into the bad situation where your engine is not performing well, it is probably the time to change it. A good news is, now you can find replacement engine for Citroen in low rates all over the country.

Although five can travel, cabin space is only good for four

Being a small car, it can accommodate up to four adult riders, although up to five can travel. The 300 litres of boot space is excellent for this class of vehicles. Split-folding rear seats make it even better to place larger items. The car manufacturer has given buyers a five-year warranty in some parts of the world for unlimited driving. The temptation is definitely bigger if it is a limited time offer. Long service breaks reduce maintenance costs, which is also good for employers. The range of smart turbocharged engines is efficient enough to satisfy a rapid appetite.

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