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Luxurious and brisk in performance power giant, Audi S8

Great features with splendid practical approach

Audi S8 is a giant with power and performance

When matter is not just of speed but comfort, luxury, performance and style then Audi S8 is the first choice in presence of Jaguar XJR, Mercedes Benz S Class and Range Rover. It is a perfect blend of performance, speed and luxuries. Long wheel base frame has made it a long and wide vehicle with extra ordinary perfect road grip and it has offered great controlled driving experience at high speed. The Audi has made it with lighter material to enhance its speed and performance but it is rigid, strong and solid in all dimensions.

Petrol engines are nothing else but power giants

There is a single petrol engine available for this huge and big luxury car with two different versions and two different powers. 4.0-Litre TFSI petrol engine with 596bhp and 553lb/ft torque and 512bhp with 479lb/ft torque are perfect for this giant vehicle.

Today the right pick is 596bhp version. It has been made for speed and just for speed. It takes 3.7 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h along with top speed of 155m/h. It is a V8 petrol engine and always remains thirsty with just 28m/g of fuel average. Its Co2 emissions are 231g/km. It is fitted with eight speed TIP Auto automatic transmission with four-wheel drive unit as standard.

Exterior and interior are perfect with great practical approach

The Audi S8 is a unique vehicle in its exterior and interior. It is a splendid product of the house of Audi. Open and wild front grille of theĀ Audi S8 has its own impression with stylish front headlamps. Front bumper is fitted with front light shower and four to six parking sensors along front view camera assist arrangement. Dark and well prominent creases on side walls have its own impression. Big and wide opening doors give good access to interior. Interior is more romantic than luxurious.

Plenty of outstanding features are there in it. Dashboard is wide big and open fitted with outstanding features and equipment. Interior is wide and open. Practicality of interior is impressive. Lush material is of great use. Wood, metal and leather combination makes it a splendid vehicle from inside. Ample space at front and at rear shows its big size. Arrangement of things is in its best order. Tail is very impressive and stylish. Practicality of boot is impressive. Interior provides lot of cubby holes with great practicality.

Features and equipment

Audi S8 is fully equipped with standard features of great stuff. Its deeper rear bumpers with quad exhaust are splendid and amazing. Anti-lock braking system, CD Multi Changer, four zone climate control, adaptive cruise control with speed limiter and ignition start stop switch, standard airbags with side curtains, parking sensors with rear view camera assist, lumbar sports, service indicator, Sat Nav, ISOFIX children seat anchor points, electric seats and electric windows, heated and cooled seats and heated mirrors, remote locking and central locking, traction control, sports seats, LED headlights with day time running LED lights, LED tail lights and steering wheel rake and reach adjustments are available in this luxury brand.

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