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Land Rover Defender, a stunning vehicle to drive

Not just charming looks but reliable performance makes it more desirable

Land Rover Defender has enjoyed a stable and successful platform within its class and is considered to be a success story. It is hardly a surprise that the creators of this wonder machine have kept the winning formula and made it even better than its predecessor.

It was the first Land Rover that was presented with modern looks instead to traditional boxy design lines and with mass approval so high they kept the elegant modern look with added lines to enhance the style.

A longer wheelbase is a welcome change that brings in more space not only for the passengers but for the equipment too. Bigger wheels improve handling and make the car quieter, underneath the skin it’s an all-new platform to incorporate the changes in wheelbase and chassis, the vehicle is comprised more of steel than aluminium as it allows more space for the changes to take place.

Engineering and design departments were able to achieve the ambitious task of keeping the vehicle in the nifty and perky urban Crossover category and have not allowed it to swell in size. So, it’s all good in the looks and design department, let’s see how it fares in the performance and engine capabilities. In worst case scenario recon LAND ROVER DEFENDER engines UK is such a cost effecting option rather to purchase new ones.

Engine of Land Rover Defender

Land Rover  continues with a flat slab of 2.0-litre Turbocharged engine capacity and 4WD with petrol engine variants called P200, P250 and P300 (numbers in the name indicating the power) and diesel are D150, D180 and D240. The hybrid system in the engine does its job without interfering too much when driving around in the city and delights eco-conscious driver.

Once you open the taps on the open road, the engine comes alive and the hybrid system deploys the energy back to its crankshaft that is conserved during braking and hauls the 1900kg excluding the driver and passengers under acceleration with ease and efficacy. 

9-speed automatic gearbox is way more refined than the previous version and acts perfectly when used in normal conditions but acts a little jerky when paddles are floored but then thankfully the paddle shifters are way more driver-friendly and are a delight to work with. However for the ease of Land Rover lovers, now Second hand LAND ROVER engines for sale are available in market in lowest possible rates.


Evoque has the ability to splash through water up to 600mm (older versions were only able to handle 500mm) and has 212 mm of ground clearance. With its locking differentials and driving aid to breeze through the gravel mud and uneven surfaces, Defender is more than capable to hold its own when put under test. It may not be as efficient as its bigger siblings but none the less it is very capable to deal with all surfaces.

Remember Defender was never marketed as the ultimate off-road machine but we are happy to report that it still is very capable of doing so and does it with ease. If you feel your Land Rover is not performing well and looking for a replacement Land Rover engine here is a good news for you as Land Rover Defender engine supply and fitting servicesare offered by authorised dealers across the country.


Land Rover gave away its intentions early on when they acquired Victoria Beckham as their chief designer and it is continuing with its tradition of excellence with minimal styling and comfortable feel. There is an extensive choice of upholstery that offers leather, fabric made of ethically sourced textiles such as recycled plastic and wool options. 

The infotainment system is comprised of two screens stacked on top of each other and both look and feel just right for their respective purposes. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are added to the new version that makes it fun to operate. 

The party piece for the infotainment system is the optional ground view system where cameras are strategically placed to show the ground to underneath the vehicle on the infotainment screen as the bay is made of glass. This bit of imagery witchcraft makes it easy when it comes to the ground clearance and parking in an urban area without scratching the wheels on the curbs.

There is plenty of legroom for driver and passenger and just enough for the back-seat occupants. The back window is tiny but the back-view mirror makes up for it as it offers a camera view that is comprehensive enough to show everything behind.


A most notable and refreshing change from its predecessor is the suspension work due to the changes in the mainframe, drive terrain and other minute tweaks, Land Rover Defender now has a much refined, quiet and remarkably comfortable drive to complement its driver and passengers. 

Its slightly larger frame makes a huge difference when it comes to housing the technology that helps to refine the driving experience. Body roll is a thing of past due to the expanded body platform and a comfortable and smooth driving experience is delivered due to the dampers and refinement in electronic stabilization.

Rattles and creeks have no place in the new vehicle even when driving above an uneven surface and on the corners as long as you can steer the wheel, it takes care of everything behind the scenes and leaves you to do the minimal work.  Despite the sporty feel that it is renowned for, small bumps do not matter much with current suspension in normal circumstances and while off-roading the ground clearance is remarkable and off-road traction electronics help in a big way.

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