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Ford Focus is one of the best small family cars

Giving the best time one road for the driver and the riders

Ford Focus is among the cars that are standing head high in the world where SUVs are trying to beat the market for those large sedans. But even now these type cars are doing a good business. Ford Focus is the one which sales have not been affected by the so-called market change.

But things are mostly exaggerated the future is not that endangered of this car category. The exterior has got a good front with a good bold grille and angular lights that elevate the look further. This is a wide car and the exterior indicates this trait.

The interior has been improved to give more space and a comfortable environment to have a good ride all along. To give the car that proper place in the market there has been given many chances and this may be the reason that the car is still there and praised by the owners.

The main success of this car is the ride and handling side which is aided by a superb suspension and steering. This present version has all that the previous ones were lacking and this is good news for the buyers. Ford Focus engines side is also good ranging from low to high and there is a good response from most of them.

From low to high there is every choice

The engine side of this make is very rich. There is no side which is missing as you get a lot of choices to pick from. Starting from the lowest there is a 1.0-litre petrol engine with 84 bhp and 99 bhp. These engines are slow and need a lot of work to reach a stable position.

These engines are called EcoBoost 85 and 100 respectively. There is also another 1.0-litre engine which is an EcoBoost 125 with an output of 123 bhp. This engine may not be that fast still it gives enough power to move smoothly especially on the highway.

These engines are not much of a help when the vehicle is fully loaded. There are more powerful engines in diesel form. The 1.5-litre diesel engine has 118 bhp with good power delivery and response.

The next one is a 2.0-litre engine having 148 bhp. These engines are good but there is a not very fast engine present in the line-up. Ford Focus engines replacement is also there to facilitate if the engine has a fatal fault.

Ride and handling is amazing with a good suspension

Whether you are sitting as a passenger or in it as a driver the cabin feels really calm. Even if you are in the lower-powered version the disturbances due to road surface are well isolated. There are good insulating materials installed in the car to keep the inside environment peaceful.

The shivering is a lot suppressed in the higher trims in such trims. The suspension is really good that keeps the car precise in town drive and control the car when on the highway. The steering also plays its role in the work.

The diesel-powered engines have a more controlled suspension and that is why the ride in them is more enjoyable and in balance. Among the rivals this one has more body control plus the ride is more enjoyable while cornering.

Another plus point is that the services are affordable and especially for the engine side. Ford engine rebuild is available in the market not burdening the pocket.

The cabin has improved

In the recent upgrade, the area which has received most of the improvements in the cabin. There is a good space for the driver inside to drive comfortably. The legroom has been improved and there is slightly more space inside but that counts a lot and increases the convenience.

The insiders also have good storage spaces with cup holders and trays for mobile. The infotainment system is also upgraded. In the rear also there is a good leg and headroom and three people can fit in with good ease. The boot space is also decent.

It can accommodate luggage due to its square shape but not a lot of it. The technology side is also good now than before. People like it the way it is and they own it as many are present on UK roads. This is a fine choice for settled people with family.

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