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Ford Fiesta, the most attractive vehicle with powerful diesel engine manufactured by its make

Practical approach, good design and excellent engine range are its hallmarks

In the hatchback family, the Ford Fiesta is a fantastic item with its excellent features and excellent shape. It is good in all aspects. It offers a great driving experience. Living with it is easy and friendly. It is a very safe and reliable hatchback with good safety features and built quality.

It is full of new and hi-fi technology. The rivals are good but the Ford Festa is popular among them due to its proactive and reasonable pragmatic approach. While the Vauxhall Corsa and VW Polo are among the best in performance, the Ford Fiesta is very good in its production.

The engine range is good

Under its bonnet, there is Ford Fiesta 1.5-litre diesel engine and offers 1.0-litre, 1.1-litre diesel and petrol engines as well. Good at all outputs and performance. The 1.6-litre diesel engine is considered the best of all categories. It is capable of 120bhp and 200lb / ft of torque. It is quick and economical in performance.

It takes 8.7 seconds to reach a maximum speed of 125 m / h with 0–62 m / h. It provides a fuel average of 90m / g with only 85g / km CO2 emissions. It features a six-speed manual and automatic transmission and front-wheel drive as standard.

Quality features of Ford Fiesta

The features and equipment are great Ford is a big company in the automobile industry. It gave its products outclass facilities and equipment. The standard of accessories and amenities is great. 3×3 point rear seat belt, antilock braking system, audio remote, folding rear seat, standard airbag with side curtain, heated mirror and seat, electric mirror and window, PAS, air conditioning along with special alarms.

Dual Zone Climate Control, Stability Control and Speed Limiter, Front Fog Lights, Remote and Central Locking, Traction Control, Parking Sensors, SAT Nav, Sports Seats, Timber Supported Seats, Reverse View Camera, LED Headlights, Alloyed Steel The wheels and steering wheel reach rake and adjustment are few more features. Security is outstanding with good security features. Safety kits are excellent in performance.

The Ford Fiesta offers a good exterior and interior

The Ford Fiesta has excellent exterior and interior. There is a full awareness of its external part. It has a lively and stunning exterior with great looks and appearance. Its front grille is impressive with wide openings. The bonnet in front of it is nice and impressive.

The shoulders are straight and plain. The tail is also nice with a nice finishing touch. The headlamps and taillights are excellent in design and style. The interior looks good with a good and healthy practical outlook. The dashboard is impressive with standard features and equipment with good practicality.

All controls are effective in performance and performance. The seating arrangement is nice and impressive. There is plenty of space for the front and rear passenger legs and head. The spacious interior provides good weather. The Ford Fiesta has a nice quiet and comfortable interior with good practicality. Its boot is impressive with good storage capacity. Its exterior and interior have a good and proper combination with each other and it gives a very good feeling. It is ideal for city riding and motorway experience. Its internal and external work capability is impressive.

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