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Citroen Relay, the most competent and reliable van among rivals

Interior, exterior and load capacity make it more loveable

Citroen Relay is one of the biggest vans of its class. It is famous for its versatility so it is not only big but also serves a variety of needs. Second hand Citroen engines for sale are another option to have a reliable power unit to pull your vehicle. It is a practically build van and competence to perform tasks is very much there.

Variety of wheelbases adds further options for buyers. These vans are available in different body heights and body styles to cater to all different types of commercial drivers’ needs. Their load carrying ability is also commendable but their looks are no way less than their practicality.

Tech features are generous to give a car-like feel to the cabin. The presently available model was launched in 2006 and then received updates in 2014 and 2016. It shares a platform with Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato so no great deal of difference among these vehicles.

It has rightly been considered as critically thought out van by Citroen to match or even beat rivals with quality and variety. Different models of Relay can carry loads from 8 to 17 cubic meters and weight up to 2310kgs. Load area length has stretched to 4.1m and height reaches to 2.2m.

Similarly load bay is 1.87m which is one of the widest in this class. A total number of variants is 43 with different combinations of heights, wheelbases and lengths. It is a big number so all commercial drivers’ needs are catered by Citroen.

A 22-litre overhead space is a real advantage

Loading and unloading of heavy items have been made easy with lower load sills, which ranges from 49cm to 60cm. Sliding side door is present in all models so you get right kind of opening of 1.2m width. Since 2016 this van has a 2.0-litre power unit and it has been a nice performer. Recon CITROEN RELAY engines UK is supplied to buyers to replace their problematic engines.

Sliding door on the other side can also opt for enhanced convenience. Rear doors are made stronger so that they may not get damaged easily. Three seats are at the front cabin and all are spacious enough to accommodate adults. You can put small things in 13 different places so you can carry several things.

A 22-litre overhead space is a real advantage among these spaces. The high driving position helps the driver to have the desired visibility. Furthermore, you can adjust the driver’s seat and steering to be in the best position to steer the van. Seats are comfortable too so that all occupants may stay relaxed.

Long working hours for commercial drivers are not easy but as much comfort and ease as possible must be offered to them. Armrest for a long journey is desired and entertainment options like DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity and USB is standard. Numerous controls are mounted on the steering wheel for complete focus on driving.

It is one of the best vans in class when it comes to driving performance. It is composed in corners, comfortable to ride and smooth in running. The steering has been made lighter in weight and with the precision of response, it is great to hold.

The heaviest Citroen Relay is of four tons

The turning circle is tight for the van of this size so you can park it with ease. Height of the van is not fit for some car wash points and multi-story parking areas. The heaviest Citroen Relay is of four tons so it is categorized with a lorry and you need special license to drive.

From 2016 three power variants of the 2.0-litre engine are available. Earlier a 2.2 litre with two power variants and the 3.0-litre diesel engine was present in the lineup. CITROEN supply and fitting service are to let you install used Relay engines in your vehicles. New Citroen Relay vans are front-wheel drive vans paired with manual six-speed transmissions.

An automatic gearbox is not even present in a list of optional features. Fuel average of 49mpg is possible with the latest models so running cost is not on the higher side. Long term running cost of the van has been kept low and front bumper of three pieces is an example of this effort.

With trim packages further amenities

The bumper has two steps to climb up and clean windscreen and tires have been chosen keeping in view easy availability and cheap replacement. Parts of new Relay have been tested to ensure durability and toughness. Three years warranty has also been given by the van producer.

Standard specifications are of great value as you get electric front windows, heated mirrors and remote central locking. With trim packages, further amenities are added to offer you enhanced ride and drive experience. For a commercial van, it is always a priority to offer a good working possibility and huge space. Citroen Relay offers all you need and with greater variety so that you may not need to look around. Big size vans have their limitations too but to carry more you need bigger vans. Small size touch-screen infotainment system is part of the optional trim package so you can have entertainment while doing your work or on long journeys.

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