Mazda 6

It is ruggedly built and practicality is impressive Mazda 6 is one of the finest items in big saloons category Mazda 6 is a big saloon with outstanding performance. It’s designing, stylish appearance and affordability are impressive in all senses. It is big in size, quite spacious from the interior and great from the exterior. […]

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Mazda CX-3

Though engine range is limited but outstanding in performance What an SUV, Mazda CX-3 is, with outstanding stylish appearance and performance Mazda CX-3 SUV is a reliable name in this class. SUV requires some basic features and Mazda has all these features and qualities under its belt. It is luxurious, comfortable, reliable and durable and […]

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Mazda 3 Sport

Does 118bhp feels right in a sporty hatchback? People usually ask that is a sporty design and a massive kit of technologies with a 2000cc engine that can merely generate 118bhp, will leave us craving for the Mazda 3 sport black? Well, sure, certainly because it is not an engine from any cheater who repeatedly […]

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