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Cars in UK that Have the Least Amount of Problems

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Some of the Most Reliable and Problem Free Cars in United Kingdom

Let us be very clear. We are not here to find out about the best car available in the market at the moment. Our main aim is to find out which car can give you the best ownership experience. Everyone has different priorities when they set about buying a car. Some people have the horse power at the fore front of their thought process as performance is all what they care about. Some people prioritize handling of the vehicle and some want nothing but luxury from their steed.

There is however a breed that lives in the practical world that has responsibilities and other things on their mind. They tend to prioritise reliability above everything else. According to them the reliability of their car engine is the most important factor when they decide to buy a car. No one wants to be stranded on the roadside with low reliability index.

Here we are going to look at the vehicles that are high on reliability index in recent surveys. Our survey data is based on responses received about new cars, excluding those that are less than 12 months old that makes it possible for us to collect real world account of how reliable a specific car is and what problems are likely to occur in future with specific brand. On the basis of this data and other reliable sources information we have compiled a list of cars that are most reliable and trouble free in United Kingdom.

10 – Toyota C-HR SUV

One thing that you would notice is the heavy presence of Japanese brands found with high and respectable reliability ratings. So do not be surprised when we keep showing you those brands as they do feature heavily in our listings. Toyota C – HR SUV is a brilliant offering from Toyota who are responsible for presenting many reliable vehicles that are going to feature in the following list.

It has excellent reliability score of 95.95% and only thing that you can fault in this vehicle is its bleak practicality due to its sleek designing.

9 – Toyota Corolla Hatchback

We are talking about the most sold vehicle in the world here. Toyota Corolla is legendary in its reputation and reliability score of 96.06%. Only minor issues were reported that can be fixed quickly anyway. Buy a corolla and you are almost certain to have many years of trouble free driving as a whole.

Its cheap to run, thanks to the hybrid system and inexpensive to be serviced. You cannot blame the styling or handling and safety either. 

8 – Toyota Yaris

Our survey shows that owners of Toyota Yaris showed complete satisfaction with reliability of the vehicle. Yaris scored an over all rating of 96.07%. It is refreshing to notice that Toyota is taking the approach of offering reliable and long lasting technology even in the mid-range vehicles.

Only thing that we can fault is the interior comfort and practicality along with some minor electrical faults.

7 – Peugeot 3008 SUV

At last, a French entry for a very likeable family SUV with almost no complaints what so ever. A strong showing in reliability index shows 96.06% and only a fraction reporting minor problem.

Surprizing thing about Peugeot 3008 SUV is the build quality, exterior styling and driving experience was also top notch.

6 – Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius saw the opportunity early on and began a building platform for a winning formula for a perfect hybrid vehicle that would rack up miles without presenting any serious problem. Over the time they have perfected their top all rounder with a super reliable combination of reliable electric motor along with engine and automatic gear box that produce minimal faults. A reliability score of 96.56% is a huge achievement for a brand-new technology and complex system in automotive history.

5 -Lexus RX SUV

Lexus has rightfully earned the reputation of super reliable brand and Toyota RX SUV is at the fore front of their offerings. This vehicle is hard to fault in any respect apart from infotainment system which is again subjective.

Reliability index of 96.06% is enough to take this vehicle at the mid of our reliable list of vehicles and only 9% owners complained about minor electrical faults in first year.

4 – Lexus CT

Lexus CT just keep getting better and better with the passing of time. Japanese auto manufacturers seem to have cracked the code of reliability with their top offerings and 96.8% reliability score proves it well.

Being a Lexus, you cannot put a finger on build quality, exterior styling and interior comfort either. You are sure to get the best aftersales dealership experience as well.

3 – Nissan Leaf

Nissan, while pretty much unremarkable in its other offerings, achieved an astonishing feat in all electric platform by offering the Nissan Leaf. It showed the world that all electric cars can be reliable and impressive too.

A 97% reliability score is enough to speak for itself but a 239-mile range gives you peace of mind on longer journeys. Its driving experience is out of this world and you hardly hear a noise.

2 – Subaru Outback Estate

While its exterior styling has always been a love hate scenario, its reliability has never been in doubt. It does look a hardened brute from outside but the Subaru outback maintains its toughness in its reliability.

A superb score of 97.2% provide strong evidence and only 13% owners reported a fault in first year. Electrics were to blame for the problems reported and strong safety features were a plus.

1 – Volvo XC40

Here is a surprize entry. Although, Volvo has always been known to be a reliable brand but Volvo XC40 is absolutely dependable. 98% reliability score is not beatable by any other brand and it’s the only European brand to achieve such score.

This vehicle is hard to fault in any respect. You name it and it tops the charts. Reliability, practicality, build quality, exterior, interior, smooth ride. Buying this vehicle almost ensure you trouble free driving at least for first few years apart from small niggles with satnav or electrics. Now, in all fairness, there are vehicles with better technology, improved ride comfort, and more amazing features. You can buy faster or more efficient vehicles too but our main aim was to find the most reliable vehicles that have minimum expenditure occurring in the first year. So, if you are looking for predictability and reliability then this is the list that you can look up to and make an informed decision.

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