Move on road with this most affordable Saloon of BMW

The BMW 3 series is among the best in the market, from the starting level till the luxury, it has taken itself to a top rank. It has been in the market for 40 years now which is a big period to maintain a place in the market. BMW is no doubt a patent brand and whatever it produces, there is an element of full responsibility and up to date features in the product. BMW 320i has been providing its services from quite a while now and every time, it is face lifted there is something new for the buyer. Powerful engine, reliable features and spacious cabin is amongst some of the specialties this vehicle provides.

A powerful Petrol Engine:

This lovely automobile carries under the hood a 2.0-Litre twin power turbo 4 cylinder petrol engine. It is capable of producing 184bhp and 270 Nm of torque with an acceleration of 0-62 in 8.14 seconds, the engine is mated with 8-speed Steptronic Sports Automatic gearbox.

This does well for the shift of the gears while driving and adding the peddle shifts can further enhance the drive of this car with 4 driving modes which are sports plus, sport, comfort and eco pro. The saloon behaves beautifully on the road with its sweat roar that can be heard when pushing it to the limit. The low speed is not the specialty of 320i but when it crosses 1000 rpm, the car becomes lighter and it can then rev all the way up to 6800 rpm.

Ride and Handling:

The 3 series is considered to be a driver’s car but in 320i, the occupants enjoy as much as the driver. The ride is very comfortable due to the fabulous work at the suspension. The car can easily move over the potholes and broken road without disturbing the passengers.

The handling of 320i is equally good as it can easily obey the instructions which the driver conveys through a light steering. The car can be ranked as a superb city car, as it can turn by using a small radius which makes its case strong. The sharp turns are where the power and suspension of this car proves out to be working out smoothly and with the combination, one can really feel the power of the vehicle.

Exterior and Interior of 320i:

The car continues to carry on the tradition of BMW make up with sporty and elegant catchy exterior with kidney grills and long bonnet short from the wheelbase and with LED lights to add the beauty. With 17-inch wheels, the car enhances its sporty side and gives a message with its huge wheels what it can do for its owner.

Turning towards the interior, with fine and comfortable seating and 8.8 inch iDrive screen fitted in a dashing panel with easy access to both the driver as well as the front passenger. The rear seats have a lot of boot and leg space except for the third passenger due to the center tunnel that takes up the space.

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