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BMW 318d is an attractive appetizer

Make your entry in 3 series an alluring one

Can you imagine an entry-level car giving the feel of having most of the components fit for the higher levels? Look into the BMW 318d and you will surely compliment it for a nice addition in the 3 series. 3 series is all about performance combined with a luxury statement. It is the most affordable model in this range giving you the opportunity to get a taste of one of the very capable creations by BMW.

It is a nice town car but on a highway, there is a missing spark. This can be adjusted as you can give some advantage to it being at the base. Some very nice safety features are paired with a good sense of providing the safer environment for the occupiers. This model is all about dynamic and sporty drive giving a pinch of what advanced level cars in this category can do for you. It is not a vague model in any sense. It is cleverly made with good features giving way to the popularity of higher ones.

Engine capacity

Under the bonnet, there is a 2.0-liter diesel engine. Although it is behind its next one 320d but remaining in its rank, the engine never feels labored when going to higher speeds. Selecting the sports mode gives you much more responsive controls.

You might think that what is new in it for BMW but the point is to have such a technology in a starter is rare. Taking 318d for easy will not be a good thought as there are plenty of things you have in its kit for appreciating in this BMW. The body roll is much more controlled as compared to its rivals and in the corners, it behaves nicely.


3 series gives you a better way of traveling and you should certainly own one when you are an enthusiastic driver and like to travel to class.

Safety side is well attended

One of the strengths is safety feature list which is quite impressive. As standard, there are enough provisions that optional ones can be put behind.

As standard, there are ABS, electronic traction control, brake assist system, intelligent drivers and passengers airbags with deactivation switch, front, and rear seat side curtain airbags, front side airbag, stability control system, parking distance sensor and a very useful one is a hill holder.

These are some of them and if options are to be installed park assist, reversing assist camera, park distance control front and rear, and surround view are notable ones.

Interior comfort

3 series has been worked out very well when the cabin is concerned. The leather quality is good; some main controls that are concerned with the passengers, as well as the driver, have dual accessibility. You don’t have to ask the front occupiers for adjusting things for them.

Two climate control zones, central door locking operated by remote, cruise control and power steering with flexible adjustments to reach your comfort point is present. All in all, you can say that it is a complete range of BMW in all aspects.

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