Marking its place in too ranks due to efficiency

There is a common perception that as a trim level gets higher the more it becomes promising on road and inside. But BMW 3 series touring has been making itself prominent in its class with its high reach of practicality and space. With the latest face lift more technology and perfection has been added in all the 3 Series occupiers.

By giving the vehicle all the possible features more attraction for the buyer has been added to it. The criticism that Touring has a very common rear has also been eliminated by giving it a more curved and trimmed shape with which the saloon stands out.

Why this one has such popularity resides in the fact that unlike other five door cars this one delivers more than others in terms of performance, road manners, interior class and the way it presents itself to the driver for reaching the controls.

Engine performs exceptionally well

The starter in this range is a 318i petrol engine that produces 135bhp. Stepping up to the 320i and the power generation reaches 182bhp. Then there is 330i which gives off 249bhp and the best performer in terms of speed is the 322bhp engine in the 340i M Sport reaching 0-62mph in just 5.1 seconds which is more than enough for the adventurous lot.

The diesel side starts with a 318d 148bhp which can manage the sprint in 8.9 seconds. The other one in 320d is of 188bhp which is a better one producing the desired speed in 7.6 seconds. With this whole variety of engines, you can pick the one that fits your need and desire.

Ride and Handling

This machine is designed in such a way that it never looses its controls even in the worst weather conditions. Whether the road ahead is wet, snowy or have mud traces on it the saloon never gets out of track. The 3 Series Touring is ranked as the best package from a family perspective.

The steering is just the right one for this weight and its ample grip to the suspension control the body in any type of road curve. The equilibrium remains always intact which is a very good characteristic for a family carrier.

As standard the Touring is rear wheel drive but four-wheel mode comes as an option. This model has no worth challenger yet due to the refinement it shows in almost every section.


As a family car this one verdict should be a strong one if the saloon has to make its place for this category. Touring have a full range of airbags ready to protect in case of crash. Then there is a stability control and tire pressure warning as standard. In case of parking there are rear sensors ready to help you while placing your car in the right place.

There is a long list of optional gadgets ready to be installed for improved safety side but they obviously cost you extra. But you have to ask yourself before going for the optional installments that are they really necessary or you can enjoy it in the pocket friendly mode.

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