Matchless features of BMW 3 Series Make it a Market Leader

BMW was born in 1975 and from the very first day, it has a badge of earth’s most coveted and successful premium medium-sized car which is rarely beaten in its category. A humungous achievement that the BMW 3 Series has covered since its launch is its 12 million versions has been sold till yet. This series is one of the most famous series ever in the BMW history. Since its facelift, it has produced millions of versions in different 6 generations.

BMW 3 Series Awards and Winnings

Due to its matchless features and excellent drive qualities, the BMW 3 Series has won several awards in its life. A famous car magazine, Car and Driver enlists it in annual ten best list 22 times straight from 1992 to 2014. Not only this, another famous auto magazine, Grassroots Motorsports also appreciated this series as the second most important performance car built during the previous 23 years.

Look and Feel

BMW 3 Series is a complete package in style, engine performance and economy. Right from the front, there are some factors that give it remarkable responsiveness and control like additional suspension anchor points, optimized front strut towers and rear damping technology. Its sporting agility is exceptional. Having the near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution, it is able to develop a strong road grip on every single move and road turns. With the featured and cutting-edge suspension system, it ensures renowned road-hugging handling.

The story not ends here. There are numerous features that make the BMW 3 Series the leader. It is packed with the advanced real-time traffic information system with BMW navigation. Go wherever you want; this system helps you find the optimal rout to your destination.

Another amazing feature to make you up to date regarding the vehicle monitoring is BMW TeleService. Whenever the vehicle’s system senses that there is something wrong with any part or if it’s the time of service, the TeleService sensors transmits your status directly to the local BMW center. Means you will never miss a single chance to maintain your BMW 3 Series vehicles.

Best Engines in BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series is packed with many powerful diesel and petrol engines. The best picks among them are the 320i, 330i, 330e, 340i and the 328d.

Most of the 3 Series engines are packed with the 2.0-Litre petrol and diesel engines. However, the horsepower, cylinders, torque and rpm may vary in different 3 Series models. The petrol engines are packed with 4-cylinder twin turbo engine. In the e models, the 3 series 4-cylinder engine works with a lithium-ion powered electric motor. It emits the combined output of 248 hb and 310 Ib-ft of torque. This combined power allows a sprint from 0-62mph in mere 5.9 seconds.

The 3 Series was successfully launched in all the markets, but the arrival of the four-cylinder models in the US was the first 3 Series to be sold with a four-cylinder petrol engine in this market since the E36 318i of the late 1990s.

In diesel category, the leading variant is 328d which is revealed with 2.0-Litre TwinPower Turbo diesel 4-cylinder engine. It produces 180 horsepower and the 1750 rpm enables it to produce the torque of 280 Ib-ft.

Reliability and Safety

BMW 3 Series is a full package regarding safety and reliability. It scored full five stars in Euro NCAP crash safety test. It also has six airbags, also remarkable. Although some of its rivals and safety standards competitors have more than 6 airbags like the Lexus IS, still the 6 option is comparatively safer and reliable. Moreover, it is also available with the adaptive brake lights. Automatic lights with sensors and rain sense wipers are also included in the package. Some extra features are also available, although they are not in the basic low specs trims, you can buy as optional extras like lane change assist, blind spot warning and auto high beams.

BMW 3-Series xDrive System

The BMW’s xDrive system is also available in BMW 3 Series. It is linked to manage and handle the dynamic stability control that is suitable to monitor road conditions. With its intelligent sensing controls, in the cases of excess slip, it transfers the power to the wheel. In this scenario, the traction system also activates and deliver justified and responsive handling to control the slipping.

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