Fuel efficient turbo petrol engine and Smooth eight speed automatic transmissions

Falling in the mid-range of BMW 1 Series 120i has definite advantage to offer great features and strong engine power to the buyers. This year model has come up with an engine that is more affluent in power and fuel usage is intelligent. In a smaller car you get whole range of cabin features and it is fantastic to experience.

Price is also little to keep it in reach of those buyers that like to enjoy luxury within their budget. The features of BMW 1 Series 120i are too good to ignore. Body design is appealing though without any big change.

Contracted exterior but spacious interior with strong feel of comfort is enough to make it stand out among the rivals. Low roofline is not problematic unless you take it on a bumpy track to make rear seat passengers feel the lining against their heads.

Well-deserved high ranking for cabin practicality of the car

The limited storage in middle of front seats has been compensated well by offering big door pockets. Boot space is also larger than other cars of same class thus it has been built with right kind of practical approach.


Seats are adjustable so you get right posture to remain comfortable throughout your ride. Steering wheel has number of controls to keep everything well placed for driver. The other features are not only good in quality, but also simple to bring in use either infotainment system or ventilation and air conditioning.

BMW fuel efficient engines are smart choices

Fuel consumption is well below eight litre for every hundred kilometer ride. Manual gearbox is good for long drive on any route but obviously disturbing while moving in congested traffic that is quite a routine within city. 120i Engine is refined unless pushed hard and brakes are rightly responsive.

Road grip is ideal for most types of terrains. Smooth and comfortable driving experience cannot be taken away from any of the cars that come under badge of this car maker.


Steering has been placed at a height that allows drive at ease. Safety features are excellent and it is one of the reasons that allow the buyers to take it to all different types of tracks with confidence.

You can compare it with any of the rivals

By all comparisons with competitors you will not find it an expensive choice. BMW returned you good value of money and it has been the case for years. Both petrol and diesel engines of German Car Company are great performing units and range is also vast. Three-cylinder engine with fuel economy of 80 miles per gallon after that both three and four cylinder units are available for the buyers with power variants. So the extra you have to spend to own it will return you with advantageous mileage. But all of the engines in 1 Series are quick and you will never feel want of power require for a car of this size or to overtake on a motorway.

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