BMW 118i

Say hello to the junior 118i, the smallest Bimmer out here

No matter whether you are a professional or not. It is also off the subject whether you have a DSLR or a homely camera while travelling what is be of account is the love and hunt for seeing beautiful places and the out-and-out joy of capturing them in your lenses.

Travelling would in return give you your very own collection of amazing photographs of beautiful sunsets, snow-laced mountains or sunny beaches. And if you got this bad boy, the BMW 118i, things are going to be hand in hand.

How does the junior look like?

If you expect every BMW to give you a firm, sporty ride, you’re absolutely right. While BMW 118i rides with a sporty inclination, road defects are well dampened. With an improved suspension that’s lighter, it is sure that BMW has found that sweet spot between good handling and good cushioning even on run-flat tires.

The steering wheel is a pleasant piece to hold and is error-free in its turns with a nice weight to it. Having said that, it’s a BMW and it’s a small one so that’s something to have in prospect. The rear-wheel-drive configuration means this is a car you can point its nose towards a corner’s exit and power out of it faster without the rear snapping out.

That said, it’s likely the last BMW 1 Series to be able to do so with little aid from electronics. Having said that, the BMW 118i isn’t a truculent car chiefly because of the easier-going 3-cylinder engine.

BMW 118i Interior

BMW 118i Interior

If you want a more exciting drive, the BMW 120i is what you should be looking at. But the BMW 118i has redeeming features in its comfort and noise insulation, which makes it great for road trips.

As with other BMWs, BMW 118i has the Eco Pro, Comfort, Sport and Sport+ drive modes that adjust the driving characteristics. Eco Pro is great in heavy traffic as a fuel-saver, or when you’re running over the highway and have no plans to overtake; a drive in this mode netted a fuel efficiency figure of 15.3 km per litre.

Sport+, with limited driving advantages, is astonishing when you are up for a fun time if you know how to handle the car. Picking up Reconditioned BMW 118i Engines is a smart option if you are starting to get issues with your engine.

What’s underneath the bonnet?

Junior here hooks the dwarfish BMW 118i engines, where BMWs are solicitous. No inline-6, not even a 4; the BMW 118i is operated by a 3-cylinder 1.6 litre Twin Power Turbo engine.

Nevertheless, it delivers a healthy 136 hp and 220 Nm of torque and twined with an 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission, lets the car blow up from 0-63 m/h in 8.7 seconds, so it’s no loll.

BMW 118i Engine

BMW 118i Engine

Safety and Features in BMW 118i

The BMW 118i has a built-in SIM card to keep you connected without using your phone. In the BMW Connected Drive suite, you can use BMW Online to browse the web or check the weather and emails.

Also available is Remote Services, accessed via the BMW i-remote app, to locate your car when you’ve forgotten where you parked it; it can also remotely lock and unlock the car via your phone.

In case an accident happens, the BMW 118i protects its roomers with 6 airbags. The car will automatically contact the BMW Call Centre using the Intelligent Emergency Call function to request for emergency services. You can also trigger an emergency call with a dedicated SOS button on the roof.

Added to this, the BMW 118i also has push-button start, auto idle stop-start, and dynamic stability control system, Automatic Stability Control, Cornering Brake Control and Dynamic Traction Control.

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