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BMW 116i, The Perfect Blend of Modernism and Classicism

Looking for a pocket-friendly efficient car? Don’t miss the chance

BMW is a distinguished automotive corporation which is popular for developing luxury-cum-sports cars. Its ground-breaking ceremony was held in 1916 and since then it has kept the bar high. Being twelfth biggest manufacturer of vehicles in the world, BMW has sold nearly 3 million vehicles to date.

The 1 Series is basically an entry-level car range by BMW but the word ‘entry level’ may give you an impression of low-quality cars, however, the reality is on the contrary side. The BMW 1 series, by no means, less than any of its contemporary or rival range of cars. Therefore, there is a reason why BMW 1 series has garnered a lot of recognition all over the world.

The BMW 116i

BMW 116i is a comfort-oriented vehicle which goes easy on your pocket. This hatchback class sports car provides an extremely satisfying driving experience. Everything is just perfect in this hatchback; from safety features to driving position adjustment, BMW 1 series engine is in a league of its own.

The BMW 116i dons a much smoother and classier look than the model it replaced. BMW specifically focused on the outlook of this car by giving it a low-key appearance.

Engines to be proud of

Hiding under the bonnet of this beauty is a beast, known as a 134bhp 1.6-litre twin-turbocharged petrol engine. This direct-injection based machine emits 132g/km CO2 and in return gives 49.6mpg fuel economy. This engine produces very smooth ride mated with the spread of torque.

You can also go for a more powerful 170bhp variant of petrol en

gine, or conversely, equip your car with one of the two diesel engines. A new addition in this engine range is of an ultra-frugal engine based on efficient dynamics, offering a tax-free emission rate of 99g/km.

Nevertheless, the Eco-Pro mode dampens the throttle response to some extent and confines the use of air-conditioning and heated seats. BMW thinks that this practice is capable of improving fuel economy by 20 per cent.

Unfortunately, if you fell into a bad situation where you face severe issues by your engine there is no need to be worried at all as BMW 116i reconditioned engines are always available in form of replacement engine from best engine repairing workshops all over the world.

Outclass Interior

Get inside the car to be welcomed by a spacious interior thanks to a 30mm longer wheelbase. No matter children or adults, both will find the back seat legroom more than enough to ride comfortably. The boot space has also seen a significant increase from 330 to 360 litres.

The material used and the quality of the Interior is matchless and the choice of equipment is exceptional. Soft-touch dashboard feels very glamorous with every touch. BMW remained generous with the use of technology in this vehicle and equipped it with advanced features like adaptive cruise control, lane assistance and internet access.

You can also connect your smartphone to the car’s infotainment system by means of Bluetooth. A wide 6.5-inch colour display coupled with leather-trimmed steering puts the cherry on the top.

Safety at its Best

Like other world-class manufacturers, BMW claims a desirable safety record for its vehicles.  BMW 116i achieved a five-star rating by the Euro NCAP which shows how stuffed it is with safety features. BMW has equipped this car with Stability software, Dynamic Traction Control together with Brake Control Assist.

If you are still not satisfied by the safety features, you can always go for additional safety measures including adaptive cruise control, autonomous parking system and adaptive LED headlights.

Additionally, you can make use of a Driving Assistant pack which is comprised of an attentiveness assistant and emergency braking features. It also enables you to utilize lane-departure warning and pedestrian protection.

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