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BMW 116d competing its rivals from long time and still on the top of reliable cars

The all-new 2019 1 series has a lot of new things added

The previous 1 series has never lost its attraction to the buyers. We carry this newly updated range on with the same idea. The recent update has brought with it new technology which ensures better driving and handling.

For the BMW 116d, the changes remain the same except the engine which is largely the same as before. BMW 116d engines are now tuned to keep the emission in control to abide by the latest Euro standards.

You can still get BMW 116d engines replacement to facilitate the older version owners. Dealers well know of the refined nature of this company engines so they practise only the best BMW 116d engine rebuild. The interior has got new goodies.

The technology has increased and with it the function of the iDrive system as well. The materials used inside have fresher look than before. The thing that has not changed for the cabin is its good spaced seats with generous head and legroom.

As the car can seat only four passengers so the shoulder room is not a problem. The exterior has got no striking changes. There is a weight loss for the present 1 series that plays an important role in increasing efficiency and performance. Driver assisting tools are a great addition, especially when people are more inclined towards convenience.

Keeping the diesel alive

The company which still offers a diesel engine in a saloon must be very confident about its work. Many are discontinuing this engine to remain at the safer side. But with BMW risk is a have to build successful saloons, and it has done this for a long time now.

The engine fitted is BMW 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine in this saloon. It produces 190 hp almost and 400 Nm of torque. The car may not fit the fast criteria among others of the company, but no one can say that it is a slow car when considering it alone.

There is an eight-speed automatic transmission attached to the power plant having smooth and timely shifts. Engine pull start is amazing. After test driving, this saloon one can rightly say that there is always the refinement that wins and this engine has plenty of it.

Engine response on the tap of the paddle is superb. You are never short of power; no matter it is for the lower revs or the higher ones. You can confidently say that it is good for both the purposes.

Technology addition

For today the criteria of accepting a car among people have changed. It has moved now towards a more complex state where people want to have everything included. Technology is rated higher whether they relate it to the mechanics or there is help or safety involved.

The present 116d offers a coloured head-up display, adaptive LED lights, wireless phone charger, 360-degree camera and three-zone climate control. For the driver, there is help present with traffic signal recognition which is very handy when you are in a hurry.

You also get a lane-departure warning, lane-change warning having autonomous emergency braking and rear-cross traffic alert. All this is fine when the dealer wants to attract customers. But the aspect which wins the hearts is driving the most.

The road grip has increased which has increased the handling and body balance. Now while taking a turn your car will be more stable and easy to place. The steering wheel has sharp responses with good feedback.

Security and safety

Both these areas are covered intelligently. There are six airbags for the car. With a smartphone, you can lock and unlock the car instead of a hard key. There is also the keyless start present, so the key is not needed here as well.

The Reversing Assist which can reverse 50 m without the driver entering is a very useful technology if it works as they say it. There are also options present but they are expensive to install. Even the very basic version has got many things loaded to work for the owner. So there is less need to lose money just to top up things.

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