Big news — Audi is going Android

World’s renowned auto manufacturer, Audi, has made a huge announcement recently. It is, in fact a good and latest news for Audi and android lovers as they will now be able to cherish the charms of both. The top notch German brand has shown interest in integrating Android into its next generation infotainment system. The first look of which was presented at the Google I/O developer conference held at Mountain View, California (May 17-19).

This conference is considered as the biggest platform for developers in the global software market. The system was put under the spotlight in Q8 Sport concept technology platform. The operating system for the upcoming lot will be developed by the Android Open Source Community with its millions of strong global forum of developers. Audi has always been a strong supporter of making cars a living experience. The auto company is striving hard to make its system user-friendly by increasing its response time.

Android based infotainment system

Audi coming together with android seems like a big deal as it is taking the praises from Audi Engines worldwide. Previously the auto brand was known to have their own specific infotainment system. With the collaboration with Google, incredible cars will now be integrated with more rich features and enhanced functions.

The inclusion of Android platform will increase the potential of car manifolds making it more versatile than ever before. The car showcased more features than found in any of the models till date. An MMI touchscreen display mounted on the center of dashboard will be the platform of broadcasting all the features.

Why Android?

The answer to this question is not complicated at all. The most important reason behind is that Android is the fastest growing market, attracting millions of buyers. This platform has already earned fame in smartphones and tablets and is now ready to accompany us in our cars. The initiative by Audi is quite wise keeping an eye on market trends. Many new features are becoming a part of this operating system with the launch of each successive software update. This is just the first step in a vast desert of technology. By the introduction of Android to cars, Audi has opened doors to endless opportunities in this sector.

What’s new?

This infotainment system will take hold of many operations including navigation system. The old HERE app will serve as a database and it will be up to the driver to switch to Google Maps. Google maps are considered most efficient and reliable means for navigation purpose. This latest infotainment system will also control incoming calls, different media files and message center etc. Audi also claims that the user interface of this system will be exclusive to Audi. It will be an entirely new thing to experience.

Several other new features including Google Play Music, Google Assistant and the music streaming service ‘Spotify’ are worth mentioning. Also, intricate details from the infotainment system will be transmitted to the Audi Virtual Cockpit instrument cluster so that it is convenient for driver to view the details.

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