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Audi A6 one of the most reliable and premium model manufactured by Audi

Acceleration is impressive with turbocharged engines so performance is no issue with A6

With minor changes to standard and optional features, this new Audi A6 has discontinued two of its trim packages. It is in continuation of the Audi A6 2015 model so no big changes as compared to the previous model. Audi A6 engines are the real advantage of the car and German manufacturer focus much on this part of vehicle than other features.

Ride comfort is delicately balanced with sporty driving feature and ability to fine handling. The all-wheel-drive configuration is also there but it will limit boot space further and rear seats are already not generous. Acceleration is impressive with turbocharged engines so performance is no issue with A6 cars.

The current generation of this vehicle is near to the end of its life-cycle but still a good choice in the segment of small luxury sedans. It is not a cheap car but the combination of style, comfort and sporty drive worth your money so you find it easy to bear with a price.

Another advantage of this car is available in two configurations of front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive unlike other automobiles of the same company. There is nothing big for buyers of latest model buyers so you can hope for altogether new model next year.

Rival of the car offers better tech specifications which may improve for this car incoming generation. Small luxury sedans should meet the requirements of the buyers which this car generally meets.

These advantages are for those

You can get Audi used engines for sale if you are thinking of replacing the power unit of your car. The best among A6 cars is one with S line package due to power of the engine and all-wheel drive thrilling configuration. These advantages are for those who can afford the added price.

Premium trim package is considered nice as there are ample tech features present for buyers of cars having this package. Some technical advancement has made it premium in feel so you find its real goodness after experiencing wheel in hands. It is also available in two doors body along with three-door and five-door models.

By using lightweight parts it has reduced the weight of the car so handling is playful which no other Audi presently offering. Three different levels of suspension stiffness are offered so you can opt one of them according to your terrain nature. The grip is hard so you apply brakes rather confidently while driving at speed.

Petrol engines are effective and there are two of them 1.4 TFSI and 1.8 TFSI. Newly added diesel engines are 1.2 TFSI and 1.4TFSI with the cylinder on demand are known for their economy. There is another 2.0 litre TDI which is mostly wanted by buyers.

Audi S3 and RS3 models are now sharper and more playful so you get better Audi if you choose a new model of the car. Hybrid model A6 e-Tron works well up to 81mph and for around 30 miles it is usual to take it with electrically generated power. Interior remains devoid of unwanted noises so you enjoy the drive and ride in the refined cabin.

Optional features’ list is big

There is a system to put battery energy on hold and you run the engine with energy coming from fuel consumption. With this, you can keep charged battery safe for manoeuvring within the city and keep cruising on the motorway with petrol power. Audi remanufactured engines are provided by the sellers of used car engines.

Whatever car you select from A6 range one thing is sure and it is a splendid interior. The cabin of the car is ranked as of top-level and due to best fit and finish. Though this generation A6 has been stretched but still in this regard it is one of the best in class.

Some new features are included too and these are on-board internet and biometric verification. The saloon model has good luggage area so you get space to take your bags with you.

Optional features’ list is big and you need to pick tech features from this list to have the best technology presently available for cars. The driving position is good and it is usual with A6. Audi keeps including nice tech features to improve its image of the use of cutting edge technology.

Base level models give you plenty of equipment

The 2.0-litre diesel engine emits 108g/km carbon which is quite low by all standards so does the road tax bill. The hybrid model gives even better figures as most of the journey is covered by taking energy from batteries than fuel. Base level models give you plenty of equipment and Sport model has most of them but still many prefer S3 for elegance in appearance.

Many driving aids are readily available so you can drive safely. Adaptive cruise control, active lane assist and rear cross-traffic assist and park assist are some of them to name. Advancement towards the self-driving vehicle is also noticed and the coming generation car will hopefully be closer to the concept.

The car is a fine choice in a segment where it belongs to though in some areas it seems shorter of the mark. Price of the car is competitive so you can purchase it for your garage.

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