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Audi A5, a perfect combination of style and efficiency

With technology, driving excellence and capable engines merged

There are many small-size cars in the market and among them, there is an Audi A5. Why it is different from them, well it has a different name (wink). On the serious side, it may be a compact car but the plan is very vast even on a small canvas.

Styling is where till now Audi has not failed whether it is a big or the small one we are talking about. You see those four circles and a wow feeling starts to crawl in as the cars related are beautiful. Even if simpler still the onlooker will admire its simplicity.

For Audi A5 also there is a proper and balanced sedan exterior. The angular lights, exhausts and the carving beneath the grill as well as those lines give something different to admire. The interior matches the outside well.

You get good quality for the materials used inside which means you are going to get comfort also. But with luxury style is not missing at all. There is freshness inside and with the trims having virtual cockpit technology level becomes high.

Audi A5 engines are fun to ride with and with good steering and suspension the ride is excellent. Reconditioned Audi engines have the same quality standard.

A good number of engines at the offer

There are a good number of engines ready to be yours according to the need. The one that comes standard is a 2.0-litre engine having 1886 horsepower. This is a four-cylinder engine with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

There is a 221 lb-ft of torque associated with it. The next one has the same engine but a higher power 220 hp and 258 lb-ft torque. With this engine comes 6-speed dual-clutch transmission. The first one is available with front-wheel drive while the second one gets all-wheel-drive trims.

The engine in any form is a tough competitor. There is a great pull plus these are quiet and quick. So you can truly say that they do their work quietly without making much fuss.

Aiding the engine is the rightly weighted steering wheel and a suspension that keeps the body intact. The car remains intact and firm at the corners so that there is nobody roll. On straight roads also the handling is delightful keeping the fun part alive all the way. On the other side, Audi A5 engine supply and fitting service are not going to disappoint you sparing time and effort for the work.

Good quality materials even at the base level

In Audi A5 there is no compromise on the standard of the things used for its build. Even at the base trim, there is soft plastic used and seats are kept very comfortable. There is proper cushioning and position.

Everything is fitted carefully so that there is no rattling sound due to it. You are going to get a reliable and strong car from every aspect. The only problem inside is the rear seating which is not friendly to very tall people. But this problem persists in the rivals also.

The boot space is also not that much so you have to compromise over here also. Like others in the category, this car is made to impress the driver and the front passenger. Rest is a palace for short or medium height people.

The metal switchgear is a superb addition to give the interior a sparkling touch. There is also the virtual cockpit option present which will uplift the cabin environment. It shows impressive functionality making things easier for the occupiers.

Safety features on-board

For the base trims, there is present the automatic emergency braking as standard. But there is more for the upper two trims. These comprise active cruise control, blind-spot monitors, active lane control and LED headlights with automatic high beams.

The car is awarded high scores for safety even in its very basic form. You can add up options but it will cost extra. But with other features on-board seldom do people go for the optional list or even sometimes higher trims also.

There is already enough you are getting from a small size vehicle so why spend more. But still, if you can afford then these and other options can make your car a much safer one to be in.

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