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An Affordable, Practical and Compact Car Citroen C3

A reasonable option in small cars with bold looks and promising performance

A very prevailing complaint these days of the purchaser is that, all the cars in a category, look the same with very little difference. Citroen has very effectively given another option in its renewal of Citroen C3 with a funky style for an MPV. With interesting looks Citroen tried to spice up the market with this model by giving something out of the way.

Power under the Bonnet:

There is a 1.2-liter petrol engine under the bonnet with three cylinders is a range topper. It produces 81bhp and is fit for ride around town. As you escape the urban range the car starts to feel prosaic. This dull performance is due to its limited power. This happens especially when the car is struggling to reach 70mph, once it reaches this stage it starts to get better.

The vehicle starts to maintain speed at this level and happily cover the distance. At very high speed however the engine starts to produce constant sounds, the problem is the 5-speed gear box that lacks the capacity to tackle the high speed. The absence of sixth gear is highly missed along with a smooth gear changing.

Handling and Drive:

There are three trim levels available in this MPV but the most popular one is the 1.2-liter petrol engine with balanced performance. The Citroen C3 handles itself quite well on road whether on urban or motorway drives. Lightness of control weights, softness of bearing and ride smoothness gives an edge to this mini MPV category automobile.

The suspension also feels soft and it maintains its balance at most of the speed and on most of the roads. Wheel control is very good and it maintains a hard grip even on difficult surfaces, but the car turns out to be very noisy and rough around the sharp turns. The car is targeted at a more budget conscious buyer with reasonable fuel consumption and equipped with all the necessary gadgets.

What’s Inside:

There is a comfortable driver seat position that gives an excellent experience to the driver while driving. With proper seat height and steering adjustment available the driver can easily get comfortable and spend a very pleasant time in this road runner.

There is enough space in the front in case you are tall and need more leg room than usual, this vehicle gives you the chance to adjust and happily drive no matter of what size you are. At the back, however the space is little tighter, not as match able as its rivals, the boot is also average but enough to put in medium-sized suitcases.

Technology options:

The vehicle is loaded with average technology gadgets. There is an automatic air conditioning, the center is occupied by a touch screen and infotainment system. The striking feature of Citroen C3 is its GoPro-style dash camera hidden under the rear mirror that records any activity on the road while driving.

The sat-nav system is improved in this improved model but the touch screen system hinders in some functions while driving especially when address input is necessary while on road.


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