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10 Most Expensive Cars in 2016

Dynamic features, attractive looks and super power booster engines make these cars a real road giant

Yes, to quote Ernest Hemingway, “The rich make a difference.” They indeed drive superior and pricey cars. Although all car either they are under £20000 or they have price tag in millions of pounds, either they run on petrol, diesel or they are electric, and are operated in the naturally aspirated way or they have forced induction, they’re just cars and run on four wheels but the difference arises from the way they drive and invincibility. As an alternative, they’re the result of hundreds of hours of hard work and great art of selected engineers from across the globe that push the limits of vehicular efficiency, although top speed is the thing that always makes difference and, let only power one of the most expensive cars in 2016. All of these super cars can also be ranked as top 10 saloons with high horsepower engines.

It is very obvious that these cars are not so common on the roads and built on demand and warranty, the sort of extreme exclusivity that not even the most costly Mercedes and BMWs could anticipate to plan. They’re authentic power riders and real supercars, priced without any logic good exceeds the holy mark of £1 million in some cases. That’s past the limit of mere mega-lottery winners and authentic athletes, requiring pockets as deep as oceans and a storage the scale of a warehouse to hold the leisure of what’s virtually definitely a vehicle has to offer you when you open up your briefcases full of money and buy one to go with it.

And that’s assuming that even with the entire money on the planet, one may be very lucky to acquire one in all what’s ordinarily a strongly guarded – and totally longed for – world’s rarest production run. Except for a couple of one-off models built as engineering or design workout routines, the most costly production automobiles we could find or figure out for 2017 include the low-slung Pagani Huayra by an Italian luxury supercar automaker at around £2.2 million. The Huayra is one of the most stylish super cars across the globe, admired by recognized vehicle collector Benny Caiola, it’s an incredibly confined successor to those 20 units of Huayra that’s lighter in weight, features a much wider front, more aerodynamic styling that features a marvellous lively rear spoiler, and a Mercedes-Benz AMG provided 6.0-Litre twin-turbo V12 Mercedes-AMG engine with an estimated power delivery of around 750 horsepower.

Just as exclusive is the sought-after Bugatti Chiron, the just over £2 million successors to the automobile that raise the legendary company from the dead, the Veyron 16.4. Bugatti calls it the world’s most robust, wildest, most steeply-priced and most unique creation super car, and who are we to contend as it proves itself many times. The all new successor of once the world’s fastest car wrapped in stunning styling that’s highlighted by a massive scoop based at the back of the doors and capped with the manufacturer’s signature horseshoe-formed grille, the Chiron beats its storied predecessor with an up to date version of its 8.0-Litre W16 engine feel of it as two V8 engines coupled together on a single crankshaft to produce a fantastic 1,500 horsepower. That’s adequate to propel the 2-seater to 60 mph in no more than two and half seconds and reach a rocket-like speed of round very close to 300 miles per hour if not connected to the electronic speed limiter in its most recent model.

We’re featuring 10 of the most expensive cars – and also, the quickest and most beautiful. This is not the just price we have considered, but there are multiple factors that help us to make a ranking. Prices may differ in the market but these are just for estimation illustration purposes.

The 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

10: Koenigsegg Regera

Price from; £1.5 Million

Engine; 5.0 Litre V8

Horsepower; 1500hp

Top Speed; 250 Miles per Hour

The Intelligent goes closer to the Holy Trinity – McLaren P1 or Porsche 911 and the one and handiest Ferrari LA Ferrari. All of them known as the famous and robust supercars but the one we have selected here to be in the top ten models. We have now enlisted the Koenigsegg Regera, although it has several models to go on the top of the list, the Regera is the editor’s choice. It always will get good fortune and has outshined all automakers and electrified it’s all rivals in the market.

The Koenigsegg Agera has been powered by a quality engine available in its own type. It’s a 5.0-Litre V8 with twin turbochargers. Will get a hybrid aid from 4.5 kilowatts Hour battery that makes this two million beauty a monster and returns more than 1500hp collectively from both engine and the electric motor fitted to the front axles. All these stats went even outstanding after some tweaks have been transferred over this luxurious and wonderful hyper sports car. If we talk about the weight of this monster, then you will found that it is just a 1500kgs mega vehicle.

Its power system also capable of generating 1500 horsepower that means one pony deployed on one-kilogram weight and it is more than enough to push the Regera on the road with massive power. On the zero to sixty-two miles per hour scale, it takes just equal to the Bugatti Chiron to pass the dash of sixty-two miles per hour and shoves like a rocket on the road. In just 10.9 seconds it takes the speed of 186 miles per hour. However, Koenigsegg has acknowledged that the Regera super car will do more than 240 miles per hour and it will take just 20 seconds to get that speed. Massive, isn’t it? So there were the facts why this 2 million pounds super car came in the list of top ten powerful and expensive supercars.

09: Koenigsegg One: 1

Price from; £2 Million

Engine; 5.0 litre twin turbo V8

Horsepower; 1340hp

Top Speed; 274 Miles per Hour

The two million is this type of large amount in the UK that you can purchase quite a bit luxurious life style with this amount like a luxury residence, a property or a Koenigsegg One:1 in the UK. We are able to guess that you will be thinking in a better way to make use of your cash and will go for a mega move, and buy a supercar like a logical thinker. It doesn’t mean that you’re about to spend your two million on a steel structure, but it is clearly a symbol of status.

The confined addition Koenigsegg One1 is a guarded and limited version which is situated on the Agera R and it has earned the fame from its manufacturing process. The One1 is truly a masterpiece made for best power to weight ratios for any vehicle. The place where each kilogram has one horsepower to propel it. It is a1340kg supercar in a position of producing 1340hp from its monster engine. It has the ability to run at a top speed of 274 miles per hour and it steals the title of world’s quickest supercar ever produced from Bugatti Veyron until the Chiron arrives.

On the science fact, it is one of the durable and strongest supercars ever made and most modern too. It has an F1 styled core, carbon fibre intake manifolds and ventilated ceramic disc brakes. All these aspects make it a today’s mega car. The Swedish automaker has made just six models of this monster and all of them had been sold out very rapidly. You are going to be very fortunate if you have seen one of these items in the UK.

08: Ferrari F60 America

Price from; £2.5 Million

Engine; 6.3 litre V12

Horsepower; 740hp

Top Speed; 205 Miles per Hour

Upon the completion of 60 years in North America, the Italian automaker has developed only 10 units of this bombshell and offer for the world market. It is based on the F12 Berlinetta, the F60 is an undeniably dedicated supercar that wears the US flag costume. Experience the glory of the Ferrari as it features the lightweight body and material. This supercar is specifically designed for the F60 models and it works at the 75 miles per hour extra speed than its predecessor. It has a 6.2 litre v12 engine that cranks 740bhp and all these horses push the vehicle at a speed of more than 200 miles per hour.

The first 60th-anniversary version was delivered to its owner at the Palm Beach Cavallino Classic. It was the first produced F60 America model that was delivered to the delight of an astute pack of Ferrari gleaners and fans during the Palm Beach Cavallino Classic. The 60th Anniversary Prancing Horse badge shines on the arches of the wheels and on the channel in the cabin, front and rear are the same Ferrari badges. This beautiful iteration of the strictly limited version in Blu Nart livery and American flag costume and Bianco Italia feel instantly reached its home in the United States under the indigo skies in Florida.

07: Pagani Huayra

Price from; £2.5 Million

Engine; 6.0 Litre V12

Horsepower; 789hp

Top Speed; 224 Miles per Hour

Although we haven’t had any supercar made by Mercedes-AMG at least we have a supercar powered by the unit sourced from the AMG. It is a V12 engine that has made the quickest ever lap on the testing track. The all new Pagani Huayra is a monster that adored by all its punter base. It’s a supercar that has been named after an Incan lord of wind. On the Paris Motor show, Pagani has offered a lighter and efficient Huayra BC than ever before.

From the regular Huayra, the BC is on another track and both are performing just amazing. It has a rear spoiler to produce the down drive of not less than 1102 kilos. With the highest speed of 152 miles per hour, the Huayra is one of the best and delightful partner. Pagani has produced twenty models in total. It generates a punch of 789bhp it lives up to its nameplate motivated from the Italian god.

06: Bugatti Chiron

Price from; £2.5 Million

Engine; 8.0 litre W16

Horsepower; 1480hp

Top Speed; 288 Miles per Hour

There is no place for the classic cars in super car segment, those are better to be auctioned now, just try to make your destiny with a Chiron. It is the future of speed. Starting from most effective 2.5 million and a lavish new type of supercar keeps the legacy of world’s fastest car in 2010 and 2005. The Chiron out shines its predecessors and leads the way on each side. The Veyron has been modified and subtle in the best way that it has grown to be probably the most successful model in the Bugatti line up. You should sort on individuals who had been saying that the Veyron was once the only car of its kind. But the Veyron has outlined that what the Chiron can do?  The Chiron has additionally pushed the boundaries of performance and efficiency toward the perfection.

This monster has a perfectly designed quad turbo charged engine. It is an 8.0-Litre W16 engine design to crank around 1500hp and a torque of far more than 1000 lb ft. It takes just 2.5 seconds to get the sixty-two miles per hour benchmark and it is lowest ever a time for any vehicle across the globe. However, what do you think that this engine has been made for dashing? If it was the case then the engines used in our number one supercar was more than acceptable to move at 260 miles per hour sprint.

However right here is the extraordinary story of the most modern model developed by Bugatti as Bugatti claims that the Chiron will keep the legacy of Veyron and will get the title of being world’s fastest car ever upon its arrival in 2018. It is expected to cross the 300 miles per hour for the first time in the history of Bugatti. The automobiles like the GT venom are developed to make an announcement and the Veyron after which the Chiron has made an excellent declaration adopted by the Veyron and now folks be aware of the supercars like the Chiron.

05: The Ferrari Sergio

Price from; £2.7 Million

Engine; 4.5 Litre V8

Horsepower; 570hp

Top Speed; 202 Miles per Hour

A just under three million pounds valued Ferrari Sergio is a wonderful sports car and shouldn’t be that high-priced as we have discussed in the list. Although it is a reasonably priced supercar, it doesn’t mean that it is a bad performer or has a lower admiration in the market. It is an incredibly popular model in the supercar models classification of Ferrari and there have been best six models made for the customers across the globe, and we will bet that you are not one of those six who has this hooked on a supercar.

This supercar has been powered with a 4.5 Litre V8 engine that cranks close to 570bhp but the plus factors are the overall weight that makes it the specific choice for the riders. Its engine cranks some hefty torque to push the Ferrari Sergio with more than 200 miles per hour. It is also one of those models which have been built in few numbers and it was the only vehicle on this planet that has been offered with the consent of its manufacturer. All of the models were sold to the selected customers and all customers were selected by automaker itself.

04: Bugatti Mansory Vivere

Price from; £2.9 Million

Engine; 8.0 litre W16

Horsepower; 1350hp

Top Speed; 267 Miles per Hour

It is impossible to complete any list of cars without Bugatti Veyron, even with most expensive or fastest cars across the globe. Not only that the lists of top ten cars will also be completed without including multiple Bugatti models in it. It is among the world’s most powerful, speedy and pricey cars. This the Mansory Vivere addition from Bugatti Veyron is likely one of the most luxurious Bugatti units in the world and is amplified by the German engineers with an engine of 1200hp from Veyron, and tuned it to make more than 1300bhp. It is a titanium lined engine that bears the heat more than a natural jet engine.

03: Lykan Hypersport

Price from; £3.5 Million

Engine; ‎3.7L twin-turbo F6

Horsepower; 780hp

Top Speed; 245 Miles per Hour

This is the car that jumped through three skyscrapers in Dubai during its first ever appearance in any Hollywood movie. Sure! The Fast and the Furious 7, but it was a purely customized model specially made for the movie. The butterfly doors and jewel covered headlights make it the specific beauty. The interior is purely ripped from a science fiction however undesirably the interior appears like an armored car. It’s powered by a 3.7 Litre twin turbo engine cranks 780bhp and a 708 lb-ft of torque. If you wish to test it on the zero to sixty-two miles per hour scale, it fast enough and takes only 2.8 seconds to move the 62 miles per hour dash which is not less than the cars using 8.0-Litre engines an 1400 plus horsepower.

02: Lamborghini Veneno

Price from; £3.7 Million

Engine; 6.5 litre V12

Horsepower; 780hp

Top Speed; 221 Miles per Hour

The sweet and expensive but undeniable Poison manufactured in Italy. It’s one of the most modern supercars and it is the actual translation of the name of this beauty. It is Veneno, in Italian, the Veneno stands for Poison. Lamborghini selected this nameplate for its new model which is an updated variant of the Aventador. The Veneno used to be developed to rejoice the fiftieth birthday of Italian supercar manufacturer. The Veneno seems toxic and no doubt it is a venomous by name and its performance anyway. Considering all the features and gadgets from body work to performance, the Veneno is simply a wonderful yet powerful supercar and seems like an alien craft or the automobile from some other planet. When you look it for the first time, it doesn’t give you the feel of being real but it definitely is. The cost of the vehicle is remarkably high with a tremendous around four million pounds in the UK.

The Veneno gets the power feed from its vigilantly muscular engine. It is a 6.5 litre V12 that is capable of cranking more than 700 bhp when revolves at eight thousand rpm and offers not less than 500 lb-ft of torque.

01: Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Price; £3.8 Million approx.

Engine; 4.8 Litre Dual Supercharged V8

Horsepower; 1018hp

Top Speed; 250+ Miles per Hour

There are several automakers who make posh and luxury supercars and one of those automakers is Koenigsegg. The automaker is known for its robust, posh and expensive cars. In our list of most expensive supercars, Koenigsegg has made its appearance on our list of top ten with its all new CCXR Trevita and not even it enters the list but takes the top position as well with its muscle, luxury and energy. It’s the most highly-priced supercar which is road legal as well in the United Kingdom. However why the luggage of the bucks for this piece of metal? Without any amplification to the news, the CCXR Trevita is a car filled with diamonds and they’re actually pricey. Floyd Mayweather is one of the buyers of this luxury and he bought one for £3.8 million.

The Swedish automaker has developed the stylish exterior with a brand new finish known as Koenigsegg Proprietary Diamond Weave. This special manufacturing procedure has carbon fibre layers concerned with dirt impregnated resins of diamonds. Which you can’t even calculate the price of the touch-up paint. With the 4.8 litre dual supercharged V8 engine which is really a monster hiding under the bonnet of the automobile. It cranks out more than a thousand horsepower and a torque of just under 800 lb-ft. It’s more than enough to run on motorway speed in a blink of an eye. There were three of those beauties ever made.

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