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Condition :Remanufactured

a fully reconditioned engine block


Engine Fuel Diesel Engine Layout V
Engine Actual CC 2967 cc Engine Size 2
Engine Valves 24 Engine Cylinders 6
Engine Horse Power 250 HP Engine Power Kilo Watt 184 kW
Engine Fuel Supply Direct Injection Engine Code CDTA
Engine Camshaft Drive Engine Charge Turbo/Intercooler

Audi CDTA Engine

For finding the best-quality used and reconditioned CDTA engines in the UK for your Audi A8, Engine Trust is the right place. We have an extensive network of suppliers who’ve listed their best resource of used and reconditioned car engines on our portal. We make sure that all drivers are of excellent quality so that the customers who connect with sellers through our portal get the best products.

CDTA is a codename for an Audi Diesel engine, whose production officially started in 1994 to be used in Audi cars. Audi has always been very reliable like other German brands and has manufactured some of the top sedans the world has seen, not just based on looks and features but also on high engine performance.

Details of Audi CDTA Engine

The CDTA codenamed Audi driver is a 2967cc engine with a 2.0-litre size. It is a Diesel engine with 24 engine valves and a six-cylinder structure. It has a 184kW power in kilowatts and 250hp power in horsepower. It supports direct fuel supply using the fuel injector. Overall, the engine is built very well to support a heavy vehicle.

Cars using the CDTA Engine

Audi started using the CDTA driver in its vehicles in 1994. The first and only Audi car to have ever received this driver is the Audi A8, which used this engine till 2010 after that I was discontinued. It used the same 2.0-litre turbo Diesel engine, hence producing a great overall driving experience when combined with the luxury of the A8.

CDTA Engine Fits These Models

Series Model Year Fuel Engine Size Horse Power Body Type KW  
A8 A8 1994 - 2010 Diesel 2 250 Saloon 184 Get Free Quote

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