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Engine Replacement for Audi A3

If you have been looking for a replacement Audi A3 Engine, then you will be happy to know we offer UK's largest price comparison of replacement, reconditioned and used A3 and A3 diesel units. You will not find a better quality engine for sale in the UK when you compare prices from our trusted and verified suppliers.

We can also compare for you an Audi A3 & A3 diesel new and reconditioned gearbox and cylinder head for your vehicle. Engine Trust specialises in best quality Audi A3 low mileage engines, cylinder heads and low mileage gearboxes. Engine Trust has suppliers on board who sell, used and reconditioned Audi A3 1.6, 2.0 tdi, turbo, 8l, 3.2, 2.0 FSI and 1.4 TFSI engines at the lowest online prices. We always advise you to check your engine code which is written on the engine before comparing engines.

Audi A3 Engine Problems

When the engine management light is on, your vehicle needs to have engine oil checked straight away. Low levels of engine oil can badly damage your car’s engine. If the engine problem still remains get your engine for Audi A3 checked from a reputable garage. A second hand engine can also sort out your problem and it won’t break the bank. Some engine problems that have been reported with Audi A3 are electrical faults, coil pack breaking and clutch plate getting worn out just after 2 years. Audi is a very reliable brand and not many problems have been reported with the engine for Audi A3.

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Reconditioned Engines

A reconditioned engine for Audi A3 means it has gone through a major overhaul with cam-shaft, crankshaft, rods, heads, pistons and many other things have been taken apart and overhauled. If you have been looking for a reconditioned Audi A3 & A3 diesel engines at the cheapest online prices, compare engine prices with Engine Trust. The sellers in our huge network provide warranty so you are in safe hands.

Used & Second Hand Engines

A used Audi A3 & A3 diesel engines are the ones that have already depreciated in value and therefore costs less. If you are looking for a second hand Audi A3 & A3 diesel engines, why not compare engine prices from Engine Trust. We are leaders when it comes to price comparison and our trusted and verified agents give you the cheapest online quote. Check if the supplier provides warranty, offers home delivery, delivers it to the garage and offers fitting service.

Audi A3 Engine History

The Audi A3 is a small family car produced by the German carmaker Audi since 1996.

Audi A3 1st Generation: (1996-2003)

The original A3 codenamed Typ 8L was introduced in the European market in 1996 and it made a new segment for itself. All Audi A3 engines had four cylinders with all wheel drive. In 1999, Audi extended the engine range by introducing of more powerful versions: a 1.8 Turbo rated 178bhp, and a 1.9 TDI diesel engine with Unit Injector "Pumpe Duse" (PD) technology. The four-wheel-drive Audi A3 1.8T Quattro engine gave 148bhp or 180bhp, and the same Haldex Traction-based on-demand four-wheel drive system.

Audi A3 2nd Generation: (2003-2013)

At the 2003 Geneva Motor Show, Audi launched the second-generation of the A3 codenamed Typ 8P. The engine range for A3 included a 2.0 Turbo-FSI giving 197bhp and a 3.2 L VR6 engine 247bhp.

Audi A3 3rd Generation: (2012-Onwards)

The third generation A3 was unveiled in three-door hatchback form at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Early German models include 1.4 TFSI, 1.8 TFSI, 2.0 TDI, 1.2 TFSI, 1.4 TFSI, 1.8 TFSI Quattro, 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI Quattro. If you are looking for the lowest prices on Audi A3 and A3 diesel replacement engines for sale online, why not compare prices from a huge network of trusted and verified engine suppliers and save money. Engine Trust is your one stop destination for Audi A3 engines for sale online.

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